Root Canal Mexico:

Endodontist In Mexico

Rated Best Root Canal Specialists in Mexico, offering root canals in Playa Del Carmen To Dental Tourism Patients. Dr. Galvez is a Certified Endodontist with 10 years of experience in this particular field. He has successfully saved a thousand of teeth of patients seeking to keep their natural dentition. Highly recognized internationally by endodontists around the world.

State of Art dental Technology

Endodontics With Microscope

We think about the well-being of our patients before doing anything in our dental clinic in Playa del Carmen, this is why we invest in Carl Zeiss endodontic microscope for our root canal treatments. We use the best materials and technologies for your root canal treatments in Playa del Carmen.

The Latest Technologies In Root Canal Treatments In Mexico

We Use 3D CBCT X-Rays to have a 3D view of all the canals of the tooth that will get worked on. Ozone therapy to disinfect the canals, endodontic microscope, so we can see what the naked eye can’t see, digital X-Rays among many other top of the line technologies in endodontics.

Best Root Canal Specialists In Mexico

We show the process in a complex crown fracture that involved pulp tissue, no luxation. Teeth were untouchable. The Root Canal Treatment was performed on the tooth. Unfortunately after removing broken enamel and pulp tissue on tooth we could see through the microscope that the crack line continued all the palatal wall of the crown, almost at the gum level. After of treatment, the patient felt much better and thankful for the help.

Root Canal Cost In Mexico

Root Canal Therapy
$455 CAD
Any Tooth
Post/Core Build-up
$195 CAD
Including any pins
$260 CAD
Per Restoration
$455 CAD
Per Restoration
Root Canal Retreatment
$520 CAD
Per Restoration
Root Canal Treatment
From $1,235 CAD
Including Post/Core & Standard Crown

Top root canal specialists in Mexico, best price/cost for internationally accredited endodontist

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