snap on dentures in mexico

Snap On Dentures Mexico

In Smile Makeover, we have all necessary for restorative your smile with snap on dentures from Ball Abutments, Location Retained to Fixed Hybrid Dentures.

Patient experience Mexico dental work

Am I a Candidate for Snap on Dentures?

In this treatment, The Mini implants are the pillars where the final teeth will be supported. In general, anyone can have mini implants. We have treated patients past their 80’s and they have been successful.

However, Mini implants require certain bone structure for support. We recommend that you ask for a consultation by contacting our dental advisor to guide you and analyze your case and determine the bone quality of your jaw.

What is Benefits for Obtain Snap-on Dentures?

State Of The Art Tecnology & Time Frames
For Snap-On Dentures

We are better equipped and trained to manufacture dentures of all type, at Smile Makeover we have the latest tecnologies for virtual digital planning of your dental implants. 100% safe and reliable technologies such as robot-guided placement, 3D printed surgical guides, and NaviDent placement.

With the provision of the internal laboratory, times are considerably reduced. Within a 9-day vacation in Playa del Carmen, patients could have both Mini Implant Surgery and the Restoration Phase (Snap on Dentures) finished, while other regular sized implants require two visits to Mexico.

Latest dental technology in Mexico

Surgical Phase : The dentist performs the implant placement with the support bar or ball abutments, all this in a single step depending on the patient’s case.

Restorative Phase: After the recovery time, the rehabilitation of the implants begins and the final denture is placed.

Snap on Dentures Cost in Mexico

snap dentures + mini implants

Snap on Dentures +
Mini Implants

$5,837 CAD Per Arch

6 Mini Implants + Housing & O’rings

snap on dentutes with 4 implants

Snap on Dentures +
Regular Size Implants

$7,930 CAD Per Arch

4 Regular Size Implants + 4 Ball Abutments + Housing & O’rings

snap on dentures locator retained in mexico

Snap on Dentures
Locator Retained

$7,930 CAD Per Arch

4 Regular Size Implants + 4 Ball Abutments + Housing & O’rings

Main Funtions of Regular Size Implants & Mini Implants

mini implants & regular implants
Single Implants

Traditional dental implants are an option for most patients looking for fixed-type of dentures. However, patients require enough bone level for support, that is the reason why not all patients qualify with this type of implant.

Mini Implants

EXCLUSIVELY USED FOR SNAP-ON DENTURES. Mini implants are designed to support long-term restorations and prosthetics. It can withstand normal chewing force. They are very popular as you only require 9 days to finish the treatment.

    The care is provided by experts in mouth restoration with the latest technologies in dental implants

    Contact us for a firm quote before you travel. The best prices for a dental restoration in Playa del Carmen!